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Asking price: $695; Includes 3 free hours of consulting. 
Galri Montaj is Haitian Creole: a fluid and mixed presentation.

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Happier than I expected...

Letting go of my identity as an artist representative makes me happier than I expected. 
Representing artists was an unmatched experience that eventually left me feeling less than fulfilled. The reasons for this change of heart are myriad, so I will keep it short and to the point.  
REASON #1: It makes me happy because I found that representing other artists, which I once used to love, was no longer satisfying that deepest creative part of myself. 
REASON #2: After numerous years working to bring much needed attention to truly deserving artists, I realized that a rep cannot live on praise alone, and neither can an artist.  
REASON #3: The first year was exciting and gratifying beyond expectation, with artists from as far away and diverse New York, Texas, Hawai'i, and Australia. I found that the self-imposed pace of 50-60 hour weeks for any great length of time was unrealistic. At two years, I reached my limit, with a lot of satisfaction during that time.
Extraordinary artists  
Extraordinary artists showed up who appreciated what I was doing, and who got coveted exposure and name recognition because of it. I'm happy to have represented each of you.
REASON #4: Attempting to sell art, the ultimate luxury in many minds, in the midst of a recession was a bit of a fool's errand. Happily, things are looking up for the art market, but not before my enthusiasm ran dry, and fortunate for the next owner of Galri Montaj!
So, yes. Galri Montaj is on the market! 

The scoop on Galri Montaj... 
  • 3500+ GooglePlus followers. 
  • 800 Twitter followers 
  • Established identity.
  • Fully functional and ready to transfer. 
  • Graphic elements in place.
  • Logo and graphics, included. 
  • Asking price: $695; Includes 3 free hours of consulting. 
  • Easy Google Blogger site and template.  
  • Galri Montaj is Haitian Creole for "a fluid and mixed presentation".

Recommendations for the new owner of Galri Montaj... 
  • Be well-versed in Social Media. 
  • Enjoy Social Media or able to hire someone who does. 
  • Blogger is a straight-forward platform, with very nice and easy to master templates.
  • Have a modicum of experience in web and graphic design. 
  • Must love ART and artists and feel passion for the project! 

Interested in taking on an established virtual gallery and moving it to the next level?


Guest Post

FlairCreativ Presents... 

New & Good! by Lora R Fisher
Posted by LFSelf2

A new project and a new focus… 
With so many things seemingly going wrong in our world, it's more important than ever to align oneself with positive people and projects. 
One such project that I’m currently contributing to is a new documentary, Green Feathers: The unlikely story of Native American logging, which follows the histories of Native American families from The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and is currently in production. It recounts the forced relocation in the 1800’s from their homelands to a reservation in Western Oregon, and onto their success as loggers in Oregon’s timber industry. 
Oh, how I love a new project and this one has all of the elements that make for a very happy contributor: a powerful social message; an epic story of survival; and the strength and industry of an adaptive people. Green Feathers is a ​personal ​story of collective strength and finding creative ways to stay alive spiritually and physically by diverse tribes who had lived traditionally for thousands of years. They faced the unexpected reality of having to live an entirely new way, not by choice, but to survive​.
Over the past concentrated weeks, graphic elements were designed and the website constructed and smoothly launched. Social media programming has also been successfully developed, and the response has been very positive. Additionally, the nonprofit Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon has selected Green Feathers as one of their fiscally sponsored projects, which is a huge boost that will help immensely with fundraising and ongoing programming. 
It was, and is, a pleasure to collaborate with writer, producer, and director, Tanner Givnan, on these key facets of the project. I see great things ahead and invite you to follow our progress​ on GreenFeathersDocumentary.com.

Tying up those pesky loose ends… 
This past spring was a bit of a wander through the uncomfortable realm of Loose Ends. One project in particular prompted me to ask, “What’s next?” A question that resolved with a shift in focus, from advocating for other artists to advocating for myself. 
That shift might sound easy, but as many of us know, putting oneself first is often the last thing we can comfortably do. It often is a slowly developing process, but when it hits, it’s undeniable. Advocating for oneself is positive, productive, and deeply satisfying. The result is that I now have a website dedicated to my photography, LoraFisherPhotography.com, as well as an active Google Plus page google.com/+LoraFisherPhotography. 
FlairCreativ Presents is mov​ing ​forward with a new perspective, too. In an effort to keep the personal out of the professional, I've spent years avoiding layering my spiritual or political perspectives onto my professional social media presentation. Recently, however, I've realized that that is a huge part of who I am, and to deny it is no longer an option. 
So, when appropriate, you will see more personal posts and commentary going forward​Along with this new perspective, I’ve developed a new logo and have redesigned the website to reflect a more open presentation. ​Hopefully, this will give the visitor a sense of my approach to life and social issues, as well as highlighting design and development services and current projects. 
Another significant outcome is that I’ve changed the emphasis of Galri Montaj from a broad focus on a range of artists and media, to presenting photographydigital media​, and film projects​. While currently in a somewhat quiet phase, I intend to provide a platform for emerging photographers and digital ​and video ​artists​, and am planning a call for artists later this year.
This reevaluation has led to a profound bit of wisdom: if you have something to say, let it be positive. Look for the good and share it as often as possible. If we only have this one life, the world will be a brighter place for it. If we have many, then what we do and say today will have a positive effect through the ages. Besides, being positive is simply more fun! I’m a firm believer in the “ripple effect”, and now ask myself before posting or sharing: Is it useful? Is it positive? Will it make someone smile? 

I’m grateful to be a part of something bigger than myself ​and to be participating in a project that adds to the rich history of the Pacific Northwest. I appreciate the opportunity to help share the story of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and am grateful that they have endured. 
I was fortunate to have crossed social media paths with writer and Creative Consultant​ Belinda McGrath Witzenhausen a few years ago. She is unfailingly supportive and generous, and does her part each day to inspire the best in us.​

To learn more...

Green Feathers Documentary  

Lora Fisher Photography

 FlairCreativ Presents

FlairCreativ Presents...

New Exhibit by Lora Fisher Photography

The beauty of the natural world.
The magic of digital photography.

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Shifting Focus

We are currently in the process of shifting our focus from presenting a range of media and artists, to primarily photography and digital media.  
Our presentation has been changing quietly over the past weeks and will be made official on June 1, 2014. As a result, several of our long-time exhibitors' works will no longer be shown.  
We have enjoyed the opportunity to provide an online platform for artists in all media over the past two years, and now is the perfect time to refine our presentation. 
We will be offering a platform for photographers and digital artists, but will be keeping this to a small and select group who are looking for an exhibition opportunity that keeps photography front and center. 
There will be more information, soon, including details on how to submit artwork.
To view our current exhibits and stay current with our new presentation, follow our progress here and on Galri Montaj Nouvèl
 Google Plus. 
As always, we welcome your comments and questions and will be delighted to facilitate purchasing and collecting works by these extraordinary artists — now and throughout the year. 
Lora R Fisher, Curator | Creative Director 

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