Featured Artist: Don Jacobson

Don Jacobson is recognized as one of Oregon's premiere landscape photographers.
He is the recipient of scores of awards from prestigious regional and national
competitions and publications, including F-Stop Magazine, Nature Photographers
of the Pacific Northwest, 
and Gallery Photographica.

The camera, which narrows the field of vision, has actually expanded my vision. When I realized I was viewing reality as if it were a series of photographs, I initially questioned that perspective. Now, I know my perception is enhanced and enriched from my pursuit of photography. An already dynamic and interesting world has become more so. 
I am delighted by quality of light, vibrancy of color, unexpected and often unnoticed detail. The stunning structure of an orchid, the intricate ornamentation on an older building, or dishes stacked in a dish drainer are fascinating to me. Abstractions and patterns are richer and invite investigation. My subject matter is limitless. Anything that appeals to my eye is fair game for my camera.

A selection of works from Don Jacobson's exhibit: Structure & Flow

Lower Antelope Canyon 1  |  Lower Antelope Canyon 2  |  Sand Fall

Taos Pueblo, Puerta Roja  |  San Francisco de Asis Church, Taos  |  Taos Pueblo, Puerta Azul


Solitary One   |  White Pocket Fold  |  Bluff

All works (matted, framed)  18 x 24"  $385
All works (matted, unframed)  18 x 24"  $295

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Encanto Tapestry: New Designs | New Pricing!

Inspired by the folk-art traditions of Spain, this enchanting series of vintage Encanto Tapestry was created using the finest Spanish felt, cut with absolute precision, and crafted by hand in a workshop in Madrid, Spain.
The entire series was conceived and developed in 1965 through 1972 by David and Leah Poliat and reflects the mid-20th-Century Minimalist and Pop Art aesthetics of the era. The colors are absolutely brilliant, with engaging patterns and impeccable craftsmanship.  
The series is no longer in production. With a limited number of Encantos available at these prices, this an unprecedented opportunity for collectors of textile arts.  
Start, or add to, your collection today! 

NEW DESIGN! Spanish Village
7.5 x 10", Spanish Felt  145.00
Free Shipping   



NEW DESIGN! Proud Pheasant 
7.5 x 10", Spanish Felt  145.00
Free Shipping  


NEW PRICE! Sparring Roosters
20 x 15.25"  Spanish Felt  395.00 (New pricing. Previously 495.00) 
Free Shipping 



NEW PRICE! Abundance 
Signed by the artist. 
Tabbed for easy dowel hanging.
35.25 x 26.5" Spanish Felt  1495.00 (New pricing. Previously 1995.00) 
Free Shipping



NEW! Tapestry Kits
15.5 x 20", Spanish Felt  200.00
Free Shipping 

Featured patterns: Aviary, Bouquet, Don Quixote

Encanto Tapestry

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Spring Portfolio Review

Considering your next steps as a professional artist?
Wondering about direction?
Curious where to begin?

Start with a Portfolio Review by Curator, Lora R Fisher.

Benefits of a Portfolio Review: 
§  Clarify direction. 
§  Increased focus. 
§  Validate your artistic vision. 
§  Breakthrough inertia and creative blocks. 
§  Feedback/critique of your work and your presentation.
§  Tools and methods for taking the next steps in your professional development. 

“Rarely do you meet a person who impacts your life in such a positive way, but I indeed felt this way       when I first met Lora. She is a highly respected and sought after creative expert. Lora’s can-do attitude and honesty are what you notice right off the bat, but she is much more than that. She is multifaceted treasure who is both knowledgeable and extremely talented. Lora is a professional that I aspire to emulate to this day.   
Belinda Witzenhausen Writer/Artist/Creativity Coach

“I have known and worked with Lora since 2008 when she was Director of Kingstad Gallery in Beaverton, Oregon. She curated the shows and designed the exhibits with professionalism, especially with regard to the participating artists. Four Years later, she has been developing her own art as a prolific writer, photographer, consultant, and as always, the artist's advocate. Further, Lora recognizes the symbiosis of art and society and uses her own network as a forum for artists' input on how to improve our lives, and the lives of others, through art. She is a perceptive, and compassionate creative consultant who listens to each person's individual story to glean and reveal his or her creative potential, with positive and viable steps for working toward their goals.”   
Kathy Delumpa Allegri  Allegri Fine Art         

“I had the privilege of showing my art at the Kingstad Gallery in Beaverton, Oregon where Lora was the curator and director. She magically pulled together wonderful themed shows. Her eye for art and for putting a cohesive show together is her strength. Her love and enthusiasm for art is very apparent. It was a pleasure to work with her.” 
Joni Mitchell  Joni Mitchell Fine Art

Portfolio Review: Find out more.

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Unconventional Beauty

Galri Montaj Nouvèl
February 10, 2014
The new series Wabi-Sabi by Danielle Davisis a masterful presentation of unconventional beauty in Japanese aesthetics. Wabi-Sabi contains the qualities of mutability, asymmetry, rustic elegance, and the cycles of nature.

   Wabi-Sabi 5  9 x 12" acrylic | canvas | paper                               Wabi-Sabi 7  9 x 12" acrylic | canvas | paper  

    Wabi-Sabi 1  9 x 12" acrylic | canvas | paper                              Wabi-Sabi 8  9 x 12" acrylic | canvas | paper  

Danielle Davis...

Abstract painting is a visual language that communicates our broader reality, inspiring understanding, connection, and exploration. Color, form, and movement reflect how we relate to ourselves and the world through our senses. Themes presented in my work come from direct observation and point of view, distilled and expressed through abstract form and spontaneous gesture.

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