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The Arts... 
The arts provide countless opportunities to enrich our communities, while supporting the intellectual development of our children. Numerous studies demonstrate that the arts enhance learning and increase engagement in the classroom, while providing opportunities for creative collaboration. In other words, the arts are good for us.
The Passion... 
The passion that artists exhibit to unite and uplift through the arts, to protect the environment, and to stimulate and support community engagement, are my inspiration. It's an honor to be a part of the life-changing experience of the arts.
 The Goal...  
Our goal is to provide an accessible and visually engaging platform for exhibiting your artwork, with a focus on getting your work 'out there' and in front of collectors. If you are a photographer or digital artist looking for representation, contact us with a link to your portfolio for a no-cost review. It will be our pleasure.  
–Lora R Fisher, Creative Director

Galri Montaj Scholarship Program

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to provide low-cost services to emerging artists,
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